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Do research by reading well-authored articles with a built in glossary of terms. Clip articles and research to your dossier.

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Play through scenarios involving interactive inforgraphics, timelines, and mock trading. Short, illustrative interactions teach complex concepts quickly.

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Browse a marketplace of affiliate products. Make informed decisions and receive tailored advice at the level of a true fiduciary.

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Corporate Accountability

Someone is finally building a platform that is centered around keeping the public and investors apprised of the sustainability and ethics of companies.

The Best Disinfectant

Many say that sunlight is the best disinfectant. greenblink uses available data and agregates it into a readable 'Ethics Quotient' so self-directed investors can make informed and ethical decisions. Divestment from unsustainable businesses is real and necessary.

In 10 Years

Our vision for the next decade is to empower the self-directed investor with an agregate of writing on finance and ethics, training tools for different investing scenarios, and the most comprehensive ratings system for corporate behavior.

Conscious Capital

There was a time when we scrambled for the last scrap of meat in a hostile wilderness. But we can elevate ourselves, together, and make wise choices that keep the world healthy and balanced. If I were to tell you you can double your money in coal this year, you'd say 'do it'. No more investing to make a quick buck. We got where we are with the quick buck mentality. Let's do it different. Put your capital where your conscience is.

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